Are You Attractive?

Talent acquisition costs your company lots of money and time. Are you attracting the talent you want and need?  And are you retaining the people you do hire?  Is your Employer Brand strong?  Do you even have one?

Attraction is subjective in the personal world, but not so much in the business world.  Drawing “best fit” candidates to you is a science.  It’s not an exact one, but it’s a science nonetheless.  And it starts with your employer brand.

You can’t run your business without sales, so focusing on your consumer brand is a given.  It’s something you pay attention to all day, every day.  Are your products relevant?  Is your go-to-market message inviting, convincing?  Is it memorable?  Are you enticing people to spend their hard-earned money with you instead of a competitor?

What is Your Employer Brand?

Your employer brand is no different.  The candidate market is tight and the competition for top employees is fierce.  Is your organization equipped with the right gear to win the fight?  If not, or if you’re still not sure finding and using the budget is worth it, you’re already behind and your competitors are onboarding the candidates you need to thrive.

Start by looking within.  You already have a wealth of loyal employees to draw from.  And they are probably evangelizing your brand to their friends, family, and connections.  Help them continue to do this and do it better.  It’s added value to what you already pay them to work with you, so while it isn’t completely free, it’s invaluable.  You want your best employees happily referring people, organically strengthening your brand, naturally creating multiple and far-reaching benefits.

Employees working in an organization with a strong brand are often more motivated and engaged.  This equals better productivity, which of course leads to increased revenue.  Financial strength is extremely attractive to candidates because it speaks to security, nothing any of us are guaranteed, but we feel more stable in our work environments if our companies prospering.  And doing well—or not—on social media, your strengths and weaknesses are often out there for everyone to see.

Are You Socially Awkward?

Very public reviews are a fact of life today.  How they’re managed is what’s important.  Your strong brand, shouted out by engaged employees, will silence the naysayers—or at least offer potential candidates an opportunity to see the “great” in you when they’re researching you prior to applying.  And they are researching.  Hard.  Looking under every rock to ferret out all the good as well as the bad.

Make sure your brand rises above with both your existing teams and those you want to attract.  It should follow specific business challenges, strategies, and desired outcomes.  Designing, building, and executing this strategy takes research, corporate self-awareness with lots of discussions, existing employee engagement, and quite a bit of time. But the time, thought, and energy you invest can deliver big dividends in the form of top talent that’s clamoring to work with you.

Time For a Refresh?

If it’s time to refresh, rethink, or implement an employer brand strategy, consider a competitive audit.  Call or email us and we’ll offer you one at no cost.  You’ve got potential candidates out there.  You’ve got untapped revenue within your reach.  Go get it!

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