Change is Easy.  You go first.
Three Phases of Organizational Change

Change isn’t so easy.  Most organizations really aren’t prepared to design and implement a successful change. Whether it’s global across the entire organization or affects only one team, Prosci’s 3-Phases of Change Management help make the process more adoptable.

Most of us are familiar with the rally around “Transformation!” or “Global Domination!”, or “Innovation!”, or “Streamlining!”.  It’s almost dizzying when one or two words connote sweeping, massive, fast-moving energies.  We all know change starts with awareness, the need for something to be different. It may be a process, a culture, or something else, and usually somewhere after awareness, things go very awry.

Understanding the Prosci 3-Phase Change Management Process driven by ADKAR is a great start in effectively preparing for and successfully navigating change. Preparing for, Managing, and Reinforcing Change are the three phases of any successful change management initiative. ADKAR stands for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement.  These five words drive the three phases of change practice.  At their core, they support and drive adoption at every level within an organization.

Phase 1 – Preparing for Change

Why prepare?  It’s critical to understand how ready your organization even is for change.  By performing assessments and risk analysis’ you identify the gaps.  Only when you know areas of resistance do you truly define the overall change strategy, architect team structure, prepare team(s), and understand the sponsorship.

Phase 2 – Managing Change

Why manage?  For effectiveness, efficiency, and success, an organization who’s created and implemented plans then moves the organization and individuals through the change process, thereby ensuring every aspect of change is managed, including the gaps identified in Phase 1.

Phase 3 – Reinforcing Change

Why reinforce?  The success and continued utilization are critical to ensure the change is adopted and sustained.  Collecting feedback keeps employees engaged and energized around change.  If corrective actions are needed, do them here to nip them early.  Continuing to identify gaps keeps the process fresh and moving forward.  Celebrating successes reinforces retention and helps make the change the “new normal”.

Change isn’t easy, but we’ll help you.  If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.  We’re happy to walk it with you!

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